Dark Shadows – Alternate Alice Cooper Trailer #1 – Johnny Depp, Tim Burton Movie (2012) HD

Footage Hollywood Video clip Score: four / 5

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  1. ,,Go watch the Cooper woman!” :D♥

  2. Alice is best woman i´ve ever seen!

  3. Alice Cooper ain’t no woman Depp!

  4. XxxAbiZombifiedxxX

    Ugliest woman I have ever seen xD hahaha

  5. it’s probably the worst movie I’ve seen with Johnyy Depp. I mean, he was pretty good, but the action of the movie was awful. Alice Cooper saved the movie…

  6. BombSquad101OfficiaI

    yes yes XD

  7. Dgamer21@ It was great xD, I bet you haven´t seen the film yet, otherwise you wouldn´t have said that =D , Johnny was great a always )=D

  8. TheUntouchableEric

    Go and watch the Cooper woman – one of the best scenes 😀

  9. yeaaaaaaaa with alice cooper i love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. LaskaSkywalker

    when I was watching this with my friends a fev days ago we started applauding and cheering in the cinema while Alice Cooper was performing. none of us was expecting a show-in-the-show act like this – great! 😀

  11. This was the highlight of Tim Burton’s disappointing movie.

  12. “ugliest woman i have ever seen” lol!

  13. Barnabas thought Alice was a girl haha

  14. THandDeathNote

    After i watched the Movie yesterday i felt my life was conplete cause Johnny Depp is my fav male actors, Helena Boham Carter is my fav female actor, Tim Burton is my fav.. Um.. (don’t remember what it named but those who makes Movies xD), Alice Cooper is my fav rock singer xD and Vampires are finaly how they should be: drinks human blood, not animal blood, burns in sunshine and don’t sparkel xD

  15. bennelson1975

    Love the movie

  16. proudlatina1510

    Just saw it last Saturday, awesome film! I died when Barnabas said “Ugliest woman I’ve ever seen”, after seeing Alice perform. Haha

  17. LifeInADaydream

    Saw this the other day, very much enjoyed it and all of it’s little jokes for us immature teenagers to have a wee giggle at. Had to laugh at the fact that Alice Cooper (his performance bit was awesome as a sidenote! Reminded me of going to an Alice show :3) is like 40 years too old for the setting of the film but nonetheless the film is great!

  18. xXsnakebit3Xx

    All ready seen and fell in love with it 🙂

  19. I just got home from seeing Dark Shadows. Alice Cooper is awesome!!!! I highly recommend going to see the movie. Johnny Depp does a great Barnabas Collins. Go see it, you will not be disappointed.

  20. OMG I did too high five

  21. MegaWolfsBlood

    i saw it yesterday with my friends!! they made Alice look REALLY young!!! the special effects were AMAZING!! it was funny and dramatic. i totally recommend this movie!!!!!! 😀

  22. xLovesALoadedGunx

    ALICE <3

  23. nicklacheygirl1

    I saw this yesterday!! It was good 🙂

  24. you are almost as immature as me XD


    Alice. ohhhh does anyone know which band members are joining him?! I hope its chuck and tommy <3 they deserve it.