Domino Trailer

Footage Hollywood Video Ranking: four / five

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    Whether you are PO-PO or Meth-Cook you are in a crap-shoot! sometimes you
    WIN, sometimes it just ALL BACKS UP ON YOU!

  2. Nice

  3. Сергей Нестеренко

    ЭТИ ПРОТИВ БЕЛЫХ ТАК И НЕ ПОЙмем почему так ненавидет

  4. Сергей Нестеренко


  5. I love her look in this movie. Hot toned body. And I love her hair. If I
    could pull off such short hair I’d totally copy it.

  6. That was the retardedest line in the history of movies. Unless I’m REALLY
    missing some hidden metaphorichal meaning in it which I highly doubt…

  7. RIP Tony Scott

  8. Best movie ever i’m in love with DOMINO <3

  9. i’m in the one in beetween

  10. hell yeah! 😀

  11. @lunalovett now you’ve said “whats it like to have a ten year old boys
    body?”, i dont think it’s right for me to say keria is fit, sounds quite

  12. what it that song in the last part?

  13. Betsy Mancisidor G.

    Choco was so fucking hot!

  14. There are three people in the world: th poor, the rich and the one in

  15. Best movie I have seen in a long long time. Awesome!!!

  16. but you DO know that fugitive recovery agents don’t get to shoot people,

  17. Actually yes they do if their lives are in danger or the fugitive is wanted
    dead or alive (as is still the case with some dangerous fugitives).

  18. Bella Luhulima

    looks good.. <3 gotta search for the dvd 🙂

  19. 3 it

  20. My best friend looks like Domino Harvey. Lol. 😀

  21. Eli Provenzano

    Just wanted to let you know that I used this video in my review for the
    film. Thanks!

  22. I wouldn’t say this film is bad at all, however, I do think it’s completely
    overrated by its fans. If you like it, that’s cool. No disrespect meant. It
    has a decent aesthetic style, and the entirety of it seems to ride on
    aesthetics too much. It also has great acting throughout. I think its tone
    is terribly uneven, though. Some comedic relief scenes were totally
    unnecessary, and I thought the characters were unlikable. That was just my
    take on it, though. I know plenty of people love this movie.

  23. InjectMorphineIntoMe

    This is one of the best movies ever. Not just the way it was shot or who
    the actors were or the swearing or sexy parts. But because this is a true
    story and someone dared to be different. In a nut shell, my hero.

  24. I love it 🙂

  25. The version in the movie is Tom Jones with the Stereophonics.