‘Moneyball’ Trailer HD

Footage Hollywood Video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. I love this movie

  2. I Love This Movie!
    My Favorite Movie of all time

  3. There are rich movies and poor movies. This is the rich movie in terms of performance and content.

  4. my favorite movie of all time <3

  5. TheCitygirl375

    Loved Pitt in this movie well in every movie.

  6. BaseballNate1222

    love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 30inventionman

    is this worth my 14 dollars at i max

  8. If you want to hear the song the little girl sings in the movie go to this link youtube.com/watch?v=oszGe2ZxHn­I

  9. Russia is grateful for such a great movie. masterpiece :))

  10. This film became even more attractive when “This Will Destroy You” started.

  11. you must not be a pixies fan

  12. Sorry, interesting movie for about 70 minutes… Then it turns absolutely ridiculous starting with “operation mayhem”.. And the ending was beyond asinine..


  14. Finally?.. From the stoner in True Romance, to the whack job in 12 Monkeys, a former Nazi in Seven Years in Tibet, and all the brilliant roles, in between (Thelma and Louis, River Runs Through it, legends of the Fall, etc)… I think the man has been versatile, throughout his career..

  15. we need more fucking jews in hollywood. Genetically inferior in everyway.

  16. Been an A’s fan since i was 4 when my dad took me to a couple of playoff games in the late 80’s. I remember the A’s putting the group they had in 2000-2003.. this movie is a must watch for me. Go Oakland!

  17. this revelves the true aspect of baseball and i love it. its a great book and going to be a even better movie!

  18. Hey it’s Metroman (Pitt) and Titan (Hill) working together to save the baseball field!

  19. I like that Brad Pitt is finally showing some versatility


  21. They took Friday Night Lights off the air only to imitate it everywhere else? It was great; put it back on and stop trying to delete it byte by byte.

  22. they showed the 3 stages of this film in the trailer…why bother watchin the movie….

  23. Lets Go Red Sox!!!

  24. SF Giants!!! WOOOOOOO!!!

  25. supered123451

    Angels finally won there first world series the year this movie is based on