Orlando Bloom: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ – In Performance

Footage Hollywood Online video Score: 4 / 5

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  1. Kaelonni Soukrasmy

    Orlando Bloom is so romantic… I love watching him act and him playing as
    Romeo is just perfect

  2. As if we weren’t already in love with Orlando Bloom he has to go do Romeo
    and Juliet?? Womankind is in serious trouble now.

  3. he can’t act

  4. This may be the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. How can he let this go out to the public? Does he not have the power to
    veto it? It’s shameful.

  6. Benjamin Hundley

    This play rocked and Orlando was awesome! 

  7. I…always will have a special spot in my heart for Orlando Bloom from my
    younger days. That being said…he really needs to take note from Tom
    Hiddleston performing Shakespeare…cause that’s how to do it! 

  8. Orlando, boy, you can come be my romeo any time.

  9. Orlando Bloom is the Mumford and Sons of acting…

  10. Katherine Minkiewicz

    This is one of my favorite lines in Romeo and Juliet, and the fact that
    Orlando Bloom is Romero makes so much better, oh my gosh shivers down my
    spine, lol why can’t people talk like this it sounds so beautiful and

  11. LifeOutsideTheBubble

    He looks like he’s surprised by what he’s saying.

  12. Ugh.. for some reason, this creeps me out.

  13. 🙁 oh dear…

  14. “O’er my head” is right.

  15. Pish. 

  16. Can anyone of you who criticize him do the same thing better? Honestly I
    doubt it. If you can, good for you but if you can’t-which I’m pretty sure
    it’s the truth-simply SHUT your nasty mouth. Thanks.

  17. This is some amazing acting right here!!!

  18. “Romeo and Juliet” is our theme, and here is Orlando Bloom’s monologue of
    the famous balcony scene.

  19. People need to calm the hell down and stop overreacting because the play
    got onto Broadway, so clearly all the people who bought tickets for it must
    have had SOME desire to watch it.

  20. Don’t give up the day…
    oh… hmmm,,,

  21. OMGGG ♥