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May 15

Luisana Lopilato shares her and Michael Bublis intimate photo

Canadian singer Michael Bublis wife has commemorated their 4th anniversary by uploading an intimate photograph with her Instagram followers. Uploading a black and white snapshot earlier on Thursday, Luisana Lopilato, the Argentine actress, is seen cozying up her sleeping husbands head as they lie in bed.

Captioning the snap in her native language Spanish, she said: Your love in all these years together made me better every day! I love you! And thanks for loving me so!
Canadian singer Michael, now 39, was also very keen to honor their special day by uploading a snap taken just after they exchanged vows in the year 2011.

Uploading a group picture  clicked during a festive meal on Easter, Buble captioned: Happy Easter! Celebrating with my Argentinian fam but have to admit, I miss my Canadian fam today. #family #home #mominlawscooking @lulopilatophotos#picoftheday.’ Continue reading →

Jan 15

ANNA KARENINA (Keira Knightley, Jude Law) | Trailer, Filmclips & Making Of #2 [HD]

Footage Hollywood Video clip Rating: five / five

Aug 14

ANNA KARENINA (Keira Knightley, Jude Law) | Trailer, Filmclips & Making Of [HD]

Footage Hollywood Video Score: 4 / five

Apr 14

Drama – ANNA KARENINA – TRAILER | Keira Knightley, Jude Law, Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Footage Hollywood Video clip Score: five / five

Feb 14

Die Herzogin Trailer Deutsch Keira Knightley

Footage Hollywood Online video Rating: 4 / 5

Feb 13

Wright fails to make a mark with Anna Karenina

For their third movie together, British film director Joe Wright selected actress Keira Knightley for Tolstoy’s 19th-century classic Anna Karenina. As there has been a whole lot of other films on this timeless masterpiece, Wright went towards a new approach that contain re-invigorate it for a today’s audience as well as expansive action.

Working on Tom Stoppard’s script, Joe Wright grounds things in a dilapidated, old from which lavish proceedings spring. Then this Anna Karenina is totally full theatrics, with characters playing a nearly non-stop choreographed dance performance through much of the first act, while preening and pouting for all their worth.

Keira Knightley, appearing radiant as the aristocratic Karenina, takes the lead of her fellow stars in offering an overdone English plum, compared to affecting a strained Russian diction. Suitably dressed and bejeweled, she came back to Moscow, the Russian capital, is ostensibly to serve salvage the wedding of her philandering brother, Oblonsky (played by Matthew Macfadyen), and the distraught, poor Dolly ( played byKelly Macdonald). Still Anna Karenina’s own union with Karenin (played by Jude Law), has gone stale, and soon sparks fly as she sets eyes on cartoon-like character Count Vronsky (played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson).

There is not a little bit chemistry between Keira Knightley and Aaron Johnson – decked out with a wig as well as fake mustache as the couple engaged in a comedy skit.

Jun 12

Last Night US Trailer 2 – Keira Knightley, Guillaume Canet

Footage Hollywood Online video Score: 5 / 5

Jun 12

Last Night Italian Trailer – Keira Knightley, Guillaume Canet

Footage Hollywood Video clip Score: four / 5

Jun 12

Last Night Trailer (2010) – Keira Knightley, Guillaume Canet

Footage Hollywood Online video Score: five / five

Jun 12

Anna Karenina – Trailer with Keira Knightley

Footage Hollywood Video Rating: five / five