THE GOOD DOCTOR – Official Trailer (2012) [HD]

Footage Hollywood Video Rating: four / five

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  1. im guessing….that he becomes obsessed with seeing her and instead of doing what normal people do and DATE her he decides to make her keep getting sick so she has to come back to the hospital to see him. disturbing no doubt

  2. Only 8 times actually

  3. kimmyfreak200

    munchhoussen syndrome… but he kisses her when she is sleeping… looks like a disturbing movie. there was a true story of a doctor who had an obsession with his ex girlfriend, and he snuck into her home as she slept and he injected her with aids blood and hepatitis C, and he kept it in his freezer and didnt warm it so it would be excrutiating! it was on court tv.

  4. that girl is not pretty at all

  5. TheSsaarriittaa

    does someone know the song that starts at 0:59

  6. Orlando Bloom saved my life. Watch my video!

  7. trailer looks alright, but 5.2 on imdb… no thanks

  8. I think you guys are missing the point of this film. He doesn’t mess with her meds because he likes her, he does it because it makes him look good treating a patient that trusts him. Like those people who make someone sick just so they can say they helped them.

  9. TheEnglishRedRose

    ….Sort the hair out Orlando :p

  10. TheEnglishRedRose

    Since when has Hollywood ever been accurate in their films? 😛

  11. indeed he is!!a very very hot one!

  12. orlando has basically had his huge luck good actor but being in 6 of the biggest movies ever he cannot top that can he.but good luck to him but i dont think this is it.

  13. ahhhhhhh thats don from numb3rs!!!!!!!!!holy mofo!

  14. Why not just ask her out?!?

  15. Only pharmacist can dispense drugs. Because, I am pharmacist!!

  16. Orly is very very sexy doctor LOL

  17. ummm i think asking her out would have been the best idea

  18. damn, it is illegal(against medical ethics) to have a relationship with a patient. The guy is a fool, so not watching this one.

  19. such a good doctor 😛

  20. he didn’t do that with her medicine because he is afraid to ask her out that was not out of love this is not supposed to be a romance he wants to keep her in the hospital because he felt that she respects him for the first time he feels like someone give him the respect he should get

  21. TheKimioaishiteruja

    is that me or orlando bloom looks like chester bennington (Linkin park’s singer)… o_0

  22. See!! Doctor invented cocaine, so it’s healthy to me!!!

  23. wow wat een trailer

  24. Abigail garcia

    this looks stupid, really Orlando, really? nothing better came along?

  25. i hate doctors! they only show attitude!