The Good Doctor Trailer

Footage Hollywood Movie Ranking: five / 5

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  1. MsChapstickChick

    I’d be pissed if a hot doctor was keeping me sick just so he can flirt with me! Oh the nerve of him :/

  2. julio cesar pimentel Jaraba

    Predictable ending . . the girl die at the end.!

  3. TheCarmillaShow

    Orlando Blood rockin out th Beatles lookin haircut, looking all cute. I’m not even into doctor shit, but I’d watch it for him.

  4. TheCarmillaShow

    And Will Turner.

  5. He will always be legolas!

  6. HawtAsianChica

    who cares?? comment about the movie…

  7. Orlando Bloom…wow…i do not like the doctor story but anyway it will be a good movie

  8. Looks like a good movie

  9. SMD

  10. FaceOfTheCreeper


  11. number 1