World War Z 2013 – It’s a Disaster! : Beyond The Trailer

Footage Hollywood Video clip Score: four / five

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  1. Come on!!World War Z was a great book! How the hell can someone screw that up?

  2. Come on!!! World war

  3. having bruce in gi 2 wont help as he has made some crap of late n fuck gi joe movies

  4. cowboys n aliens sucked

  5. prometheus was ok. not that good.

  6. arachnophilegrrl

    O.o Why should I remain loyal to a show that has become ponderous and un-enjoyable? I LOVED the first two seasons but it fell apart and I’m not the only one to think so. They needed to fix the writing but they didn’t and it killed it.

  7. well then you’re not a true fan…

  8. James Cameron has the top two highest grossing films of all time. That kind of success cannot be understated. And only writer-director Christopher Nolan has as near a perfect track record as Cameron.

  9. true dat grace

  10. i agree with some of what you said but james cameron? really? there are waaaay better writer/directors than him.

  11. No you weren’t. We all trusted Ridley. Unfortunately he’s no James Cameron; he’s only as good as the material someone else writes for him. And Damon Lindelof is clearly no Dan O’Bannon or James Cameron.

  12. I thought it was retarded also. I think I completely gave up when it turns out that Christopher Eccleson’s Scottish villain character just happened to have his systems locked to the almost dead Scots Gaelic language. What are the chances that such a madman would also be in the group of several hundred people who even learned it.

  13. 3:38 Okay thats your fucking opinion. Doesn’t mean NO ONE liked it. IT was good enough to warrant a sequel. Ignorant.

  14. So glad you put focus on this problem. For me, a movie is often as good as its script and therefore I’m often disappointed. It seems it doesn’t requires any talent or ability to become a screenwriter in Hollywood

  15. thoughtsintime

    Completely agree with Grace, the obsession in Hollywood seems to have become to go for spectacle and CGI and it’s only the rare studio exec or money-holder who allows genuine creative freedom to talented script-writers.
    I wish they’d understand that just adding a name like “Ridley Scott” doesn’t mean the movie will be good because while his work was WICKED, the script made me want to shoot myself.
    Lindelhof might be the worst thing to happen to movies since Akiva and Jon Peters.

  16. arachnophilegrrl

    Well many have said, and I’d agree with them, that the story started to completely unravel and became the tangled, pointless mess that was can be likened to Lost.

    I loved it at first but the writing became painfully sloppy.

  17. KnightShooter296

    u may be right….and i respect that! but we all know that a real horrible movie is a movies like Dragonball Evolution, The Last Airbender, Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance etc…G.I Joe is atleast Better then those films, just think about it!! the film actually had a little sense compared to other Horrible movies…

  18. i guess i was the only person interested in watching Prometheus because of Ridley scott. I had no idea who this damon lindewhatever was until now…and i see now why the script was bad.

  19. Hi Grace – usually agree with your takes on things, but what exactly wasn’t wrapped up at the end of Lost? I felt it was a very satisfying conclusion that didn’t leave much unanswered. Quite rightly it featured no “architect” scene. As a fan of comics, you should know that sometimes it’s better just to accept that certain fantastical things just ARE, rather than getting into a whole big origin tale.

  20. I am determined to make a feature-length animated film on a $5000 budget in less than a year’s time. I’m still trying to figure out how Hollywood justifies a $200 million movie budget!

  21. I’m currently reading the book and I hope they don’t ruin the film is going to be a disgrace if they do!

  22. You actually think GI Joe was good? I can tell you never read the comics.

  23. A long wait. 🙁

  24. gi joe was good. wtf?

  25. October!!!!