World War Z Official Super Bowl Preview (2013) – Brad Pitt Movie HD

Footage Hollywood Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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  1. Well considering you don’t have enough people to play as the zombies you need to use effects more

  2. Because reading is usually a fun thing that stimulates the brain and promotes memory skills. Plus the book is fucking awesome.

  3. I wonder, how is zombies dick looks like?? Cannot imagine..

  4. I just finished reading “World War Z”, and this movie doesn’t appear to have much in common with it. In the book, the zombies are slow-moving walkers, similar to the ones in “The Walking Dead.” Second major difference is that this movie seems to follow only one perspective in a linear fashion, while the book is narrated from dozens of views from various periods. Third, is that the zombies in the book do not demonstrate any type of mental focus or coordination, while the movie zombies do.

  5. AlmightyEddie123

    lol…”is it really fast” no…”do you eat it on sundays” *giggles* NoooOoOoo DAaaAAaAd…
    Mommies vagina?

  6. AlmightyEddie123

    Fuck the wants to read about zombies? 

  7. Well what’s the point of a trailer then? To show what’s NOT in a movie? I will judge whether or not I spend money to see this movie, based on what the director choose to tell me through the trailer. Fuck you and people like you.

  8. The effects are a bit much, no?

  9. such an andrenaline rush movie

  10. Because everything we’ve seen about it screams “we made a zombie movie and slapped a well known name on it, now give us money”

    Seriously, just go read a synopsis for world war Z, then watch the released trailers.

  11. Stop complaining about the cgi zombies! With out them, you think they can get extras to rush their lives scaling a wall or pushing over and getting crushed by a bus? Dumbasses

  12. Okay John Delasalas. You’re right, and you caught me. I’m 11 years old. 

  13. I hope so my brother, i really loved the book.

  14. TheRealBananaids

    This movie could go one way or the other i cant tell yet

  15. Why are people doubting this movie already? There must be something I’m missing here lol.

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  18. This movie will fuckin suck

  19. Maybe at least some of the scenarios will be played out-? /optimism

  20. It looks like they used the title to bring in the nerds and used Pitt to bring in the regular folk.

  21. CGI overload…

  22. busninessman123

    This is why you never give zombies crack

  23. MrBurgerphone1014

    Nuke at 0:19

  24. Me gusta

  25. Tijuana ruls!! ahuevo!!!