World War Z Official Trailer 2 2013 + Trailer Review : HD PLUS

Footage Hollywood Online video Score: 4 / five

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  1. Looking through the comments… shut the fuck up and enjoy the trailer people. It’s got zombies, guns, more zombies, and explosions. The recipe for a fun movie to watch if nothing else but for the action.

  2. is it a good zombie movie? 

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  5. spectremanLIVE1

    Wow…. I didn’t know this was a zombie film until you said it was. I’m not a “zombie” fan, so the fast moving zombies that true “zombie” fans seem to hate so much (???) are actually a draw for me. Since I haven’t read the book, I might see this, just to find out what makes it any different from I Am Legend or 28 Days Later.

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  8. No, not at all did you misunderstand me. 🙂 Yes, they could have made it closer to the book for sure and still made it exciting. However, there are sooo many zombie stories out right now. Books, movies, and comics to name a few. the addition of the fast zombies are probably there to get people to watch it. Unfortunately, I could go off on a rant about how Hollywood ruined some of my very favorite books making movies. The Stand is one right off. I now just try to enjoy it and suspend disbelief.

  9. BenschMan2012

    well, i think they could have made a movie out of the book showing the story of only one person (e.g. the author of the book trying to survive) but telling the background-story of the book by showing TV-news or putting in radio news.
    the problem most people who really liked the book (-> and me ;)) have with this trailer is that you can already see from it that they changed the story COMPLETELY (e.g. WTF fast zombies?!?)…
    i hope i did not missunderstand you and apologyze for bad english (._. )

  10. Bluetempest ace

    I read the book then the this trailer and I was like WTF these people have not read the book.

  11. So sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and a garbage truck comes out of nowhere with no warning doing 50 MPH and takes his door off, where did all the cars in that lane magically go, did the zombies eat them? I have a feeling this is going to be another highly unbelievable steaming pile of Pitt. Maybe the zombies in this movie are illustrations of the masses that will blindly rush and stand in line to see it. And will Brangelina adopt the two girls? Yeah

  12. Honestly I think it would have been good “infected” movie but I cannot shake how different it looks from the book. Now I know you can’t shoot a book page by page or it will become stale and slow paced but here there are too many changes from a otherwise really good story and idea. Just too many things to make it all more suited for a mainstream audience and that brings a frown to my face

  13. halofrenzy100

    read the book dumb ass

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  16. What is with the abusive comment? Why am I a loser? The book and the movie are not two different items. You do understand that the book was a bestseller, so Hollywood bought the book to make into a movie. If the book had not been written, then this movie would either have been made, with a different title, or never made at all. My point is, they are related. Try reading the book, it is well written, not a lot of large words, and no complicated ideas.

  17. the book and the movie are two seperate items you fucking loser. get over your self.

  18. ghghghghghghggggghgh

    He was already a 20-minute show for the press from what I wrote it does not inspire optimism
    WORLD WAR Z – First Look Featurette – International English –
    ‘World War Z’ Footage Preview: Zombie Tsunami & ’12 Second’ Transformations – screenrant.c.o.m/world-war-z-movie-zombies-interview-marc-forster/

  19. markgormleyfan

    As much as I agree with you that this does not look like a good adaptation… you haven’t seen the film yet so should refrain from calling it awful. So far there are two relatively short trailers to go by, so it could still be a good movie even if it is a bad translation of the source material.

  20. I’m not for the movie or against the movie. I just enjoy a you tube sight were some very intelligent people are having a very intelligent debate.
    Did all of you people attend Princeton???
    Thanks for this and…..
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  21. The book is always better.

    This is just a great example of the rule.

    I’m still going to enjoy this movie/.

  22. manvydassabonas99

    the book cannot fir at poeple.that is way movie is better

  23. I believe that the director was TRYING to incorporate some of the story points into the plot. In the book, it mentions how (mostly wealthy, not all!!) would pay certain criminal people money to come west for a supposed cure. They called them slow burns. Now, the book is fascinating, but, like I continue to stress, too many different plots.

  24. I ran out of words, but I want to conclude, since I did run out of words, that the Story is about firsthand accounts of the war and don’t tie in together. I don’t see how this would make a great movie, period.